Sunday, February 13

XOXO mini-card

St. Anthony is awesome. He always comes through when I lose something important. I lost my multi-digital card reader that I use to download my photos from all the different cameras. I love the thing but the last couple of days, its been MIA. I know I checked the side of the armchair like 3 times, but my digi-card reader was never there. After I said my little prayer to St. Anthony, I reached down and 'poof' it was there! Whew! Thank you. :)

Here is the mini-card files I made using my Silhouette and printer on card stock. In the background you can see the matching envelope I created to house this tiny little thing.

In my prior post, I gave away the template and all the supporting files for FREE. Here's thedownload link again now that I have the photos.

Papers: Generic Card stock printed with:  Forever Love papers by Sherry Ferguson Designs and Organic Collab by the designers at MScraps

Happy Valentines everyone!

Here is also a preview of the papers:
Sherry Ferguson's Forever Love

and MScraps Organic Collab


  1. I just love this card! Posted a comment in a gallery somewhere on it...I've visited a few tonight so can't remember which one, but this is so great!

  2. Thanks guys! I just entered it in a Valentine's Blog contest. lol

  3. You are rocking the Sil!! Very nice card.


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