Monday, February 21

Post 24 - Something I've Learned

Wow, there aren't enough bytes for a post like this, so I'll try to jot down some and try to make it interesting:

Something I've Learned about:

Parenting: That I can do it, that I love it and everything about it is something I've learned because it was all new to me!

Scrapbooking: EVERYTHING - since its also new to me, everything I'm doing is a newly learned skill - or lack of skill - depends on the moment. lol

Dieting: I suck at it. I've always been ok with my 'built for comfort' body and I excercised because it was something novel or something I enjoyed. Since my DS, I realized I have to work harder to not expande the 'comfort level' and wow... that's hard. blech, moving on to a different topic!

Friends: I amazed by my friends everyday. Some just break out and show me what you can do with life if you step out of your comfort zone. Some show me how giving and selfless they are everyday. Some exasperate me but are still awesome people. Some I never knew I'd miss, until they were gone. All of them touch me in some ways, even the ones I never met. :::raising a glass::: cheers to you all!

You know what? I could write more, but I'll end with that warm and fuzzy now.

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  1. i like how you broke down the list. good idea.


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