Thursday, August 26

Owl Tree Studio - Scrapporreia Free Template


If you are already a member of Owl Tree Studio, go check out my blog post and freebie giveaway. I stuffed it full of a combo of things... and I think the awesome QA team over there was able to actually include my full layered template. I may go download it (even tho I have all the original files) just to see. All the shadows are separate files - so you can use them, move them, or hide them. I included word art and the elements and papers from the August Owl Tree kits that I used, so you don't have to open a bunch of files, either if you just want to modify what I did.

The only way you can view my blog is to join Owl Tree Studios this month, so barring that, I wanted to show a screen shot. You won't be able to read it - you'll need to join for that, but you can see my images.

How cool is that? I'm `net published. tee hee.

Wednesday, August 25

Dude Time

I can FINALLY show you the layout I did for my friend Efrat, of her husband and uber adorable son, Ethan. He is such fun to watch run around the neighborhood. His dad is a true Renaissance man who writes a novel, does technical sound engineering stuff (yeah, you can tell I know nothing about that, huh?), surfs, plays tennis, plays the guitar, not only grills an amazing steak, but cooks and experiments with interesting foods, too. And, he is a loving and really supportive husband to my friend ... oh yeah, and great dad, too. They're a great couple who really compliment each other and you can tell what great parents they are by how happy and wonderful their kids are. BTW - his daughter has been planning her wedding to my son for the last few years, so I have to be a bit partial to them, anyway. ;)

The blog went live today (on the private site - so I can't link to it) AND today is his birthday... Happy Birthday, Dude! This is my gift to you....

Beach Breeze Collab: GirlBoyGirl Designs, Wild Blueberry Ink
GirlBoyGirl Designs FeelinGood
Owl Tree Studio August Collab: WBI

Scatter rings (extracted from) GirlBoyGirl Designs-FeelinGood buttons

Monday, August 23

Winter Moments with Mom

We had such a blast playing in the snow this Winter. Now that the neighbors have moved, I'm sure it won't be the same. :( Browsing through my photos, I came upon this really colorful shot of the girls laying in the snow. Girls have such cute outfits - the boys ones are all just black or blue. I liked the idea of a neutral, muted layout to contrast and show off the bright colors of their clothes and cheeks.

 Le Pinquoin Designs Template Set 5

Val C Designs/Collab_Fractiondeseconde

JW Digiscraps

Walkway ultrabold/black

My OTS blog goes live Wednesday

ednesI created it so long ago, I thought the anticipation would wear off. LOL. Nope. Still excited

8/25 is my turn to be the Template blog giveaway girl. I tried to a Katie Pertiet-esque thing where I made the elements and papers part of the template. But the file was gigantor-sized and it just didn't work in transferring the files to them and all - I have much to learn.

I  am not sure if it will be in the public or private area of the site, so check out the Owl Tree Studio blog and maybe you'll get a peak at it - Or, better yet, drop a mere $10 and join! :)

I'll try to Snag it and post my page anyway, because the point of starting this blog was to journal my progress and things I do related to scrapping. And I want a 'record' of it. 

I'm really excited about next month's entry, tho... I don't think I can talk about it, but I did something (I think) really fun.

Sunday, August 22

Daddy - 1970s

Here is my Layout from Le Pinqouin Designs' latest that I've been playing with. Its from her Quinnie's set.

 Le Penguoin Designs Quinnies

All from Gotta Pixel's Inds blogtrain

Syrin Summeresque
And the rest from Gotta Pixel's Inds blogtrain
Frutiger bold, Besign, Brickham script pro

Tuesday, August 17

Forever and Ever

Everything here is from the Owl Tree Studio's August kits - the frame was a bonus - newly available- thanks to Linda Tieu from Torta Gialla.

I usually upload almost all of my LOs to My Scrapbook Art, and on there, I wrote: "Not quite sure what I was thinking putting a pic of myself with bed-head on here." 

Yet, I post it to my blog, too? lol

The song lyrics in the journaling are from Randy Travis' song, which was on our wedding CD giveaway. Its a country song, but Mike didn't freak out that I put it in there. lol 

Wednesday, August 11

Le Pingouin Designs

Not making a big announcement until her CT call closes, but I have been invited to be a CT for Le Pingouin Designs over at Digital Scrap Cafe.
She is a template designer and a  fellow Southerner (well, for now until  Uncle Sam  moves her, anyway) so she's really laid back and great to work for.

Take a look at my first layouts for her.

I was cleaning out a cabinet and found photos from when Meredith and I went to FL for a quick weekend getaway. We hooked up with Lisa Marie and saw her uber adorable nearly 2 year old son, Jack. I couldn't resist snapping shots of him. I thought it would be perfect to take one of those 2003 photos and use them in a page for her.

When I emailed Lisa to ask her permission to use the shot on my blog, on the digital sites, etc, she said that she'd always wanted to get into digital scrapbooking. How fun to pass along my new hobby skills to an old friend!

TEMPLATE  Le Pingouin Designs Template set 5
ELEMENTS  Joyce Paul Designs  Ablend/Abliss
FONTS Scriptina

TEMPLATE  Le Pingouin DesignsBig Picture Template
Collab Fraction De Seconde Click
The Design Girl I'm a little robot

The Design Girl I'm a little robot
Owl Tree Studio] August Collaboration


Thursday, August 5

In case you haven't heard (maybe because you've been on an exotic vacation without internet or maybe you've been away from digi-land), Owl Tree Studio is officially open. In case you haven't heard enough from me about how much I am loving their products, here’s an official summary of what you’re guaranteed to get each month as an inside member:
1 Mega Collaboration Kit
3 Individually Created Designer Kits
3 Designer Bonus Items (examples include frame packs, brush sets, Alpha packs, etc)
16+ quick pages created by our creative team
2 project tutorials that walk you through the process of using our digital goodies for tangible crafts
Unannounced goodies throughout the month, including page templates
Starting in September, Owl Tree Studio be featuring a new guest designer every month and you’ll receive an extra individual kit AND an extra designer bonus each month. Exciting!
It may sound a little sensationalist, but for the money, there is no better value on digital design available online. Not only are the Owl Tree Studio designers incredibly talented and responsive to inside members, their products go through rigorous quality control testing to ensure that the products you receive each month are ready to be turned into beautiful layouts and art for printing. There are absolutely no strays or jaggies in their products (I would know, since I've seen all of them).
Their monthly product line is full of digital goodies you won’t want to miss out on. All of the Owl Tree Studio products are ONLY available through Owl Tree Studio and are only available for a one month period of time. If you see a kit you like, you’ll have to be a member of Owl Tree Studio during the month it is featured to add it to your stash.
The regular monthly membership rate is $9.95. However, if you ; sign up by the end of this week (August 8th), you’ll lock in the charter rate of $7.95 per month and your monthly subscription is guaranteed to never go up, even if the pricing does. Plus, because you're getting in so early, you'll also get the chance to give your input on future kits. It feels amazing to receive products that are created around your requests and needs.

Tuesday, August 3

Backyard Camp Out

Here is a page I did for Gotta Pixel's August All Stacked Up Challenge run by Rachel of Captivated Visions. I love challenges because it gives me a set of guidelines and a deadline. lol This time, I was all over the map on kits, designers and stores. But in viewing my MyScrapBookArt gallery, I noticed that I've been very Green lately. Whassup with that? Hmmm.
I guess green makes sense for an outdoor themed page.
This was a fun night, the kids have been promised a camp out night for awhile and we thought it would be fun to haul out the gigantor tent for them to play in and all sleep together. Pete and the kids slept great. Mike, with lead pipe under his sleeping bag for security, was up all night with all the AC units going off and street sounds. That's so unusual for him since he slept through a major earthquake in CA.  (Tho, in fairness to Mike, the first time Pete did it in his own backyard, he was up all night with the noises, too. And had a hunting knife for his protection).


Finally, its here! Owl Tree Studios

:::: Drum roll, please!::::: Ta Da! :)

Well, for those of us behind the scenes, the weekend of technical glitches were making us all fidgety. But they were all worked out and Owl Tree Studios is finally open. For those of you who signed up to get free memberships, good luck! (I think some of the designers have already selected their winners, but I'm not sure everyone has - or that winners were notified).

I can now finally show the layouts that I've done. You can check out the kit previews on Owl Tree Studio's site. The first page was done with Wild Blueberry Ink.'s Sweet Baby, and the Cars one is from the August Collaborative Kit. I just noticed that on Wild Blueberry's site, she is giving away free photo masks that go with the kit. Whoo hoo... free is for me! :)

So Big Back Then

4 Things About Me

The kits for both of these come from Owl Tree Studio August downloads. They are available in store until August 31, 2010

Keep an eye out, at the end of the month, I'm giving away a template on the site! :)

Sunday, August 1

Free PS Actions

I found a (well many) site that provides free downloadable PS actions. I'm going to (as my 4 year old says) Play, play, play!

And, I'm doing the DHD August Actions challenge - which is what prompted me to search actions.

Shorten Your 4Squared wait times

I'm new to the whole digi-biz (as any followers can tell) so I never knew how 4Squared used to work, but while I was following a blog-train, so I wanted to share it with any of you who may be plagued by these long wait times.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Getting around the long waits at 4shared

I didn't realize until yesterday that 4shared is giving longer wait times (several minutess or 300+seconds) the more you download unless you have a paid account. You can shorten that if you are willing to remove their cookies. 

Go into your cookies and remove these cookies:

all those that begin with dc followed by 3 numbers and 4shared,  i.e., ""

If you will remove these every few downloads, it will keep your wait times down.

Scrapbook Pages

Sample Text