Thursday, August 26

Owl Tree Studio - Scrapporreia Free Template


If you are already a member of Owl Tree Studio, go check out my blog post and freebie giveaway. I stuffed it full of a combo of things... and I think the awesome QA team over there was able to actually include my full layered template. I may go download it (even tho I have all the original files) just to see. All the shadows are separate files - so you can use them, move them, or hide them. I included word art and the elements and papers from the August Owl Tree kits that I used, so you don't have to open a bunch of files, either if you just want to modify what I did.

The only way you can view my blog is to join Owl Tree Studios this month, so barring that, I wanted to show a screen shot. You won't be able to read it - you'll need to join for that, but you can see my images.

How cool is that? I'm `net published. tee hee.

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