Monday, August 23

My OTS blog goes live Wednesday

ednesI created it so long ago, I thought the anticipation would wear off. LOL. Nope. Still excited

8/25 is my turn to be the Template blog giveaway girl. I tried to a Katie Pertiet-esque thing where I made the elements and papers part of the template. But the file was gigantor-sized and it just didn't work in transferring the files to them and all - I have much to learn.

I  am not sure if it will be in the public or private area of the site, so check out the Owl Tree Studio blog and maybe you'll get a peak at it - Or, better yet, drop a mere $10 and join! :)

I'll try to Snag it and post my page anyway, because the point of starting this blog was to journal my progress and things I do related to scrapping. And I want a 'record' of it. 

I'm really excited about next month's entry, tho... I don't think I can talk about it, but I did something (I think) really fun.

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