Wednesday, February 23

Post 25 - First 10 Shuffled Songs on My iPod

Well, when I set my iPod to shuffle (I never use that setting) it plays everything, podcasts, music, audio books, videos... whatever can play- will shuffle. That said, here is my list:

Sisters are doin it for themselves - Aretha Franklin
I think I love you - Partridge Family
I'm gonna Make You Love Me - Diana Ross
Since You Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
Never Find a Love Like This - Natasha Beddingfield
Disturbia - Rhianna
Lovely Day - Bill Withers
Everyday I love you - Boyzone
Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis
Toby Feels Left Out - Thomas and Friends Audio Book

Monday, February 21

Post 24a - addendum


I learned that you can't do 'lesser than' 3 for a heart because Blogger thinks I'm trying to write code! lol lol lol

Post 24 - Something I've Learned

Wow, there aren't enough bytes for a post like this, so I'll try to jot down some and try to make it interesting:

Something I've Learned about:

Parenting: That I can do it, that I love it and everything about it is something I've learned because it was all new to me!

Scrapbooking: EVERYTHING - since its also new to me, everything I'm doing is a newly learned skill - or lack of skill - depends on the moment. lol

Dieting: I suck at it. I've always been ok with my 'built for comfort' body and I excercised because it was something novel or something I enjoyed. Since my DS, I realized I have to work harder to not expande the 'comfort level' and wow... that's hard. blech, moving on to a different topic!

Friends: I amazed by my friends everyday. Some just break out and show me what you can do with life if you step out of your comfort zone. Some show me how giving and selfless they are everyday. Some exasperate me but are still awesome people. Some I never knew I'd miss, until they were gone. All of them touch me in some ways, even the ones I never met. :::raising a glass::: cheers to you all!

You know what? I could write more, but I'll end with that warm and fuzzy now.

Post 23 - Favorite Vacation

We are going to Disney in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait. Let me come back to this one, and I'm sure there will be pics and LOs.

Post 22 - Whats in your makeup bag?

Ha ha ha ha. I literally laughed out loud when I read this. So, I'm a bit behind on the actual days, but I'm catching up!

I looked inside my make-bag and was horrified to see that (along with my list of cosmetics) there was a big old mess. The broken poweders, discarded applicator heads, gum wrappers, bits of not dirty q-tips. blechh. So, that is what is REALLY in my bag.

As for the makc-up, I have a Nars blush, Bare Minerals powder and bronzer, brown eye shadow for my brows, some cover-up cream from Sephora, and eye shadow combos - Studio, I think the brand was - and eye lash curler and some maybelline mascara.

Do they help? probably not, but they can't hurt either! lol

Wednesday, February 16


My friend pointed out to me that if your layout is featured, highlighted or otherwise hosted on a scrapping newsletter, that means your work has been 'published'. Coming from the world of print publishing, I'd never thought of that. So... guess what? I've been published! lol

This week,
Sherry Ferguson is a featured designer at DSA, and also featured on the January issue of their online magazine: The Fix. They did some weird thing to her photo - it got all stretched out, but (as she says) at least they made her face longer and not wider, right? lol

One of the 2-pger layout I did with her
Snow Fun kit was used as the example to help showcase her awesome kit. This kit is one of my favorites of the season.


Addendum note: I guess I officially got published when I got Project of the Week (POTW) over at ScrapMatters.

Bake Off Goodies

I swear, I'm not trying to kill your diets. Just bloggin' lol

And the winner was: Lemon Square Bars
'Taster's Choice' Awards: Devil's Food Cake

I don't recall the other winners but I got a ribbon for Best Texture for my Biscotti. :)


And how cute is this award trophy she found?

21 A photo of me

This photo is me in a nutshell. My parents used to call me Radio as child because I was constantly yapping.
I took this as I was on the phone with my (then fiance) when I was on a week-long business trip so he could 'see' me talking to him. LOL

Tuesday, February 15

Post 19 and 20 - Something I miss, and Nicknames

Something I miss
Bonnie - my friend who just passed away a few weeks ago. 'nuff said, huh?


Since it wasn't specific, I choose to retell a story that isn't really about me.

I call my son all kinds of names: monkey, cuddle bunny, Dr. Destructo, energy machine...

My girlfrend was telling me that she hit a landmark with her youngest boy - her baby - he is about 8 I think and he announced that his name was Max. Not 'love bug', not 'snuggle muffin', not 'patootie' - Max. And that is all she is allowed to call him now.

So there. Lol

It was so cute and so sad at the same time. See, WE may hate the nicknames our folks gave us - but I bet they had special memories for them. Just like my little monkey has and will always have special memories for me. :)

Office Bake Off

Today was our Baking Contest. It was such a hoot. We were cracking up the entire time. Perhaps it was all the sugar. (ya think??). Tomorrow I'll post the pics and stuff, because I have no idea what any of the names of the entries were, what awards anyone won or anything cuz we were too buzy being all loud and stuff.

I will tell you I made my Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti with Pistachios, and The Picky-Palate's Cinnamon Rolled sugar cookies.

One of them won something. I'm not being a tease, because I have no idea what it was it won. LOL

How is THIS for a completely useless post? LOL LOL

Sunday, February 13

Post 18 - something I regret

This one is easy for me, though I'm not sure it fits into the meaning that Heather (Haynay designs) intended it. LOL

But I regret that I am not a sounder sleeper and that I can't fall asleep easier.

Red Velvet - Chocolate dipped 'strawberries'

Something delicious for Valentines...

Wowwee. Look at what I found online. Its from the Dollhouse Bakeshoppe (which I'll be going back to check out some more).

Its the night before Valentines Day so, I'm clearly not making these, especially since I just made like 12 dozen cookies for tomorrow's Office Bake-Off. But don't they look so cute and so dee-lish?

She dipped them like regular strawberries. Maybe I'll try them -- one day.

If you make them, drop one by MY house. ;)

XOXO mini-card

St. Anthony is awesome. He always comes through when I lose something important. I lost my multi-digital card reader that I use to download my photos from all the different cameras. I love the thing but the last couple of days, its been MIA. I know I checked the side of the armchair like 3 times, but my digi-card reader was never there. After I said my little prayer to St. Anthony, I reached down and 'poof' it was there! Whew! Thank you. :)

Here is the mini-card files I made using my Silhouette and printer on card stock. In the background you can see the matching envelope I created to house this tiny little thing.

In my prior post, I gave away the template and all the supporting files for FREE. Here's thedownload link again now that I have the photos.

Papers: Generic Card stock printed with:  Forever Love papers by Sherry Ferguson Designs and Organic Collab by the designers at MScraps

Happy Valentines everyone!

Here is also a preview of the papers:
Sherry Ferguson's Forever Love

and MScraps Organic Collab

Valentines XOXO Free Cutting file

Hi everyone,

I was feelin' the love and wanted to give something away. I wish I had thought  of it earlier so that you'd have more time to play with it before the big day of luv. But, hugs and kisses can be for ANY time, can't they? lol

Here is my Valentine's inspired mini-card. (I can't find my camera's download cord so I don't have the samples I did with it, but I'll post those when I can). 

Download your FREE cutting file template here or by clicking on the preview image above.  I've included the Silhouette SD files as well, for you Silo owners. I'm getting back into the swing of using mine, so I hope you guys enjoy this February Freebie!

I printed the papers then cut using my Silhouette with the registration marks OFF. I also ganged up as many as I could reasonably fit on the page but you do whatever works for you.

I didn't make this as one of the examples but you can choose to only cut the outline for the folded part and then you have more space to write in. Me, I don't wanna write a bunch on cards, so I cut it all out.

If you download this file, please let me know what you think and if you make the mini-card, I'd love it if you could come back and share that with me. :)

Included in the download are:
Full layered psd file, For both the fold-over bottom card and the top XO letters: pngs, svgs (not tested since I don't have a Cricut) as well as a tiny envelope template to house them. Also included are native Silhouette files for all.

NOTE: There are no Terms of Use included, but please do not use commercially. And if you post, I would love if you could credit with links to my blog. Thanks

Friday, February 11

Project of the Month at ScrapMatters!

No way. Yes, Way! My little hanging 'ornament' that I made a over the holidays got nominated within the ScrapMatters team for Project of the Month. I am sooo psyched! What an honor - especially for a newbie like me!

I wanted to publicly thank every one over at ScrapMatters. This totally made my week!

Here is the project:

The project was published in the ScrapMatters' eNewsletter.If you haven't subscribed, here is a link for you to sign up. Its got tutorials, interviews, and much more. Its a 20+ page electronic magazine, essentially. :)

mScraps Oscars still going on!

For those of you who think its over, you can still nominate yourself with your best work. The sponsors' prizes are Awesome!

Post 17 - Something I'm Looking Forward To

What? What happened to Post 15 and 16? Yeah, well.... They were replaced by Layouts and projects so I'm slipping right to 17. :)

Something I'm Looking Foward To:

And here it is: TA DA!

We're going in mere WEEKS. Before that, I'll be having house-guests, which I wish would be at a different time. ugh - but it is what it is.

I'm so excited to see my little guy's face when he experiences all the stuff we have planned -- and unplanned. ;)

Sweet Treats box

Wanna great freebie? Sign up for Krisi's Kreations eNewsletter and receive this cool template for a little box.

Here is the little boxes I created using Wimpy Chomper's Savannah kit. They exactly hold one of my Brownie covered Reese's cups (or the Brownie covered Oreos - its all the same size). I plan on giving one to each out to a group of friends so this little box is perfect for that. I know, its a little bit cruel to only give out one, but I can't bake more. lol

Sweet Treats
Box It Up: Box Template freebie by Krisi's Kreations
Savannah by WimpyChompers Creations


And here is Wimpy Chomper's kit just released at ScrapMatters.

So much new in the stores

Wow, what a day 2.11.2011 is! So much new is popping up in the stores. Take a look at the layouts and projects I've been doing, and where you can get the stuff to do your own.

I've been spending a lot of time over at ScrapMatters and have recently joined Wimpy Chompers' CT. yippee! She has some fun and fanciful stuff. There is actually a cute story connected to my joining her team. For the last few months, I've been putting up an ISO for a boys gymnastic kit. No one has come through. I thought I'd post it one more time on ScrapMatter's forum and Christina of Wimpy Chompers said she'd create one. How cool is that? She wrote to keep watching and I'd see a kit soon. So I wrote her back to when it didn't come up the day it was supposed to. lol. So when her CT call came up, I thought... why not stalk her further? lol

We hit it off and here I am... take a look at her latest kit (not the gym one, I still haven't downloaded it, yet. lol)

Here is the layout I created using that and the newly released Template Set 10 by Le Pingouin Designs

Cupcakes 2010
Template: Template set 10 by Le Pingouin Designs
Kit: Cupcake Frenzy by Wimpy Chompers
Fonts:Century Gothic, Chunk Five, A little Pot


Here is Wimpy Chomper's new kitCupcake Frenzy

and it has a cute little friend.. the add-on!

Thursday, February 10

Post 14 - A Photo I love

I have a thing for small twinkling lights. Christmast lights, city lights, anything tiny and sparkly. That's why the view from my office window at night captivates me to much.

That's the 59th Street bridge. The view is as you're looking towards Queens, where I lived for over 10 years.

Picture 031

Post 13 - Goals

I have soooo many goals, so I'm just going with the first 5 that pops in my head:

1) Complete ONE full year scrap album, in chrono order that tells a full story and looks cohesive.

2) Get a $50,000 raise (ha... well, they didn't say an attainable goal!)

3) Lose 40 lbs in 4 months. (double ha ha)

4) take a real family vacation (not one where we're visiting grandparents)

5) go away for a weekend with just my husband

Post 12 - What I believe

I have been deeply, immensely touched by the passing of a friend and colleague and that has caused me to do a lot of reflecting. It has made me look at my friendships and be vocal about what people mean to me. Which is why my Post #11 is so un-lighthearted. I could have gone a million different directions with the subject, though - just to let ya know. :)

I believe that nothing compares to the love of a child - the love you feel, the love they give.
I believe that God knows what he's doing, and he knows your love and respect whether or not you are in his house.
I believe that I have powers that are unhoned and untapped and there is much potential yet to be seen.
I believe you can learn almost anything, if you open your mind and shelf your fears. (I don't practice this, but I believe it).
I believe that I will have love in my life forever; friends, family, children, elders, and some from people I've yet to meet.
I believe that music can soothe you. It can excite you, it can evoke memories, it can uplift you and make you melancholy. Music is powerful.
I believe that I learn something from everyone who enters my life; all my relationships, my acquaintences, my relatives and in-laws.
I believe that snow days are awesome because you can't go anywhere and you get to spend all that 'free' time with your family -outside, playing and enjoying each other.
I believe in tradition and family.
I believe that Facebook has really made me reconnect with people I've held dear.
I believe in coincidences and 'kismet'.
I believe one day, I will write the great American novel.
I believe that I was here before and will be back again, to improve on my self and my soul.

Thank you for reading this post. Its perhaps one of the most sincerely personal ones I've ever written.

Wednesday, February 9

Post 11 - TV shows

While I like to watch a lot of different types of movies, when I watch TV, I like crime dramas over almost all else. Maybe its the hottie on the lower right, huh? ;)
oh yeah... and cooking shows.

now that I notice it, all of my crime shows has at least one really hot guy. heh heh heh


Post 10 - what I'm afraid of.

This post is taking me forever and is a speed bump in my continuing my 30 Days of Blogging. I went in many directions on this - emotionally afraid of? in general? a phobia? my 'worst' fear?

I clearly overthought it. lol

Then it hit me... THIS is what I'd be MOST afraid of:
All of my fears coming to life in front of me, at the same time. YIKES!

whew... now I can move on with the Blogging. Done!

Social Media Week NY

Yesterday I attended one of the sessions for Social Media Week NY. They are doing a multi-city simul-event, running Social Media week worldwide. There were so many courses I was interested in, but got closed out of most of them.

The reason I'm posting about it here is that one of the panel speakers near the end was a woman from Oreos. They are the #3 fansite on Facebook. Who knew? They have a vigorous social media initiative. I just thought it was funny because of all the Oreo discussions I've been having IRL, on my blog, in forums... everywhere!

If you're interested in attending, all sessions are FREE - if you go to their website, you can also view it streaming live.

Sunday, February 6

Free Calories

as long as you don't eat them. lol

I'm participating in a Bake Off at work next week, so we're testing out a few recipes at home. Sorry for the diet distractions but I just had to share the latest ones. They came out so cute. They are tiny little cinnamon roll cookies. (again... Loving the Picky Palate!)

DSC09378 copy
If you live near me, I'll drop some off. Heh, Heh, Heh.

Brownie Covered directions

Well, it strange to do a second post following the first but I got so many phone calls, emails and other questions on how to dip the cookies or how they get to the pan, etc. I figured I should post my how-to. (sorry, dieters).

I have the full article on my foodie blog
Savorings under Test Kitchens, but I'm repeating the jpgs with detailed directions here. The only thing Savorings has more of is the test kitchen info.



Saturday, February 5

Post 9 - Friends

I mentioned this in the ScrapMatters forum but I'm clearly not doing these daily posts ON the day, so I've renamed mine to Posts #x instead of Day #x - that way I'm doing it on my terms and I don't have to self-flaggelate for not getting it done 'on time'. lol

So... friends. Wow. This post comes at a particularly appropos time in my life as I just lost a great friend, Bonnie. And that has caused me to reflect on my relationships - friendships. I spent the memorial service talking with my friend's sister telling her stories of how Bonnie was with us at work - a life her sister wasn't part of - and all the antics she would get up to. This led me to think ... I don't want to have these conversations with my friend's survivors - these conversations of how great they are, what fun they have, how much they mean to me. These are stories I need to share with them.

As a result, I have started writing short but genuinely heartfelt emails to those friends who knew both of us (mainly because they understand where my emails are coming from and they, too, are grieving). What I did not expect AT ALL - were the responses. Gee. I'm such a dope!! lol
I totally didn't expect responses. I have no clue why not - perhaps because I've had no sleep in days. Anyway... lol... they all reciprocated, which made me well up. Hmmmm...that wasn't my intent! Who the heck wants to make themselves cry?? I need to rethink this idea! ha ha

(Its still a good idea but now I tell people... no need to reply). lol

Here is my very first layout I ever did. It was for a template/mini-kit challenge at
MScraps. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know if I HAD to use all of the elements, so I was left with this bow thing. I stuck it on my pal, Alana's head. She is soooo not a 'bow in my hair' kinda girl, so it cracks me up every time I see it. lol

Credit: EH Studios template/mini-kit challenge
Girls Weekend

Journaling (with link to recipes/blog) says:
A fun, food-filled weekend where we laughed more than I have in a long time. We cooked and ate a weird mish-mash of delectable food from pasta to dumplings to French onion soup, and topped it off with white wine Sangria.

After waking, we had a full day of Scrabble in our jammies, more laughing and leftovers -- oh yeah, and cupcakes with bacon on them. Surprisingly good!

Friday, February 4

Brownie covered... What??!!???

I was reading my rss feed the other day and came across a post (forgive me, I don't recall who's site I saw it on, but will gladly give credit if anyone knows) for this yummy treat that was all store bought, easy, and... OMGosh so yummy.

The original blog was the Picky Palate - who has some amazing stuff. She made these Brownie Covered Oreos which were scrumptious. I made a batch (or two) and they were a huge hit.

For those of you interested in the How-To, she has a step by step on her blog but its so simple there is no recipe. Just buy a box of brownie mix and a package of Oreos. Make the brownies according to the box directions then drop an oreo in the batter.

Grease a muffin tin and drop the brownie-battered oreo in there. (important step to avoid the sticking) Bake for 15 mins. You're done!
To make it even worse, I dunked Reese's cups in the batter and baked a few of those. OMGosh... beyond heaven! Soooo delish.

Brownie Reeses

Directions are same as above but with the candy instead. We talked about trying a Peppermint Patty -- but I'm not a fan of mint cookies, so I passed. But my DH liked the idea.


I usually grease then flour my pans - its guaranteed non-stick. And when I make a chocolate dessert, I mix a little cocoa powder with the flour. It doesn't really do anything extra, I just don't like to see the white flour on the chocolate.
I tried a few different Brownie mixes in my 'test kitchen' and Betty Crocker's regular ole original brownie mix worked the best and stayed moist the longest.

The Picky Palate suggested using white chocolate to drizzle on the top of them. You'd think it wouldn't need more sweet, but on the Oreo ones, I drizzled some homemade royal icing (confectioners suger mixed with a tiny bit of milk - mix well then drizzle) because I'm not a big white chocolate fan. My friend Jenn (JK703), made the oreos with double stuffed oreos and used Whipped Icing. I think I went into a sugar coma just hearing about hers... then she made me taste one. I drank 2 cups of milk. lol

Krisi's Kreation's Box it Up Basket

For my first Hybrid CT project, I tackled a new release - out today and on sale! Box it up: Basket. Its an open top box with a long 'handled' wrap around it, tied with a nice little bow that unties to reveal the goodies you're giving away.

This is great for tall gifts that you want to show off, like a bottle of homemade herb-infused olive oil, a rolled up art print, or even smaller goodies that you don't want rolling around in a big ole basket.

I just love this wallpaper looking paper Krisi's CT chose, so feminine and pretty. If you buy the template, be sure to read all the way down on her description because she's giving away a FREEBIE of the word art from this preview as well. Cool, huh? A little hidden surprise.

For those of you who have been reading my posts, you know I'm obsessed with my silhouette, so when Krisi asked me to do a guest spot, I was drooling at the thought of using it.

Chinese Treasure Box
Box It Up:Basket by Krisi's Kreations
Paper: Genia Beana's The Orient freebie (available at Scrapmatters)

This template was great for allowing me to 'make it my own' as they say on American Idol, because its really a blank canvas. I had these old chinese coins that I thought would be cute to show and hang (like an ornament) and peek through a large circle hole. I think it came out pretty cute and simple. :)

Thursday, February 3

Indoor Fun

While I love the 30 Days of Blogging, now, lets get back to scrappin'! Here is a layout I did for my Project 52 - week 3. I may still do some tweaks before it goes to Shutterfly. I created it using Le Pingouin Design's Template Set 9. It was the perfect format to showcase Tyler's exuberant energy that he displays every day - and that I got to capture it in the moment. (I'm thankful it was a bouncy and not my sofa, lol ).

Indoor Fun

Template: Template Set 9 by Le Pingouin Designs
Kit: Atta Boy by Mye De Leon
Fonts: Milktop Girl, Quasart

Day 8 _ Places I've been

I keep hearing the Beatles song in my head, "there are places I remember, all of my life..."

Here is a photographic smattering of some of the ones that stand out in my mind. There are many, many more that I didn't fit into the template, like, San Diego, Rhode Island, Maine, Cape cod, Boston... well, anyway, here is the graphic below. The mystery place is my home town, Myrtle Beach, SC:


Tuesday, February 1

Day 7 - My favorite movies

My tastes are all over the place but my all time faves are Horror. Lucky for me, my DH loves them too. Our Netflix queue is full of horrible screamers.


Scrapbook Pages

Sample Text