Saturday, February 5

Post 9 - Friends

I mentioned this in the ScrapMatters forum but I'm clearly not doing these daily posts ON the day, so I've renamed mine to Posts #x instead of Day #x - that way I'm doing it on my terms and I don't have to self-flaggelate for not getting it done 'on time'. lol

So... friends. Wow. This post comes at a particularly appropos time in my life as I just lost a great friend, Bonnie. And that has caused me to reflect on my relationships - friendships. I spent the memorial service talking with my friend's sister telling her stories of how Bonnie was with us at work - a life her sister wasn't part of - and all the antics she would get up to. This led me to think ... I don't want to have these conversations with my friend's survivors - these conversations of how great they are, what fun they have, how much they mean to me. These are stories I need to share with them.

As a result, I have started writing short but genuinely heartfelt emails to those friends who knew both of us (mainly because they understand where my emails are coming from and they, too, are grieving). What I did not expect AT ALL - were the responses. Gee. I'm such a dope!! lol
I totally didn't expect responses. I have no clue why not - perhaps because I've had no sleep in days. Anyway... lol... they all reciprocated, which made me well up. Hmmmm...that wasn't my intent! Who the heck wants to make themselves cry?? I need to rethink this idea! ha ha

(Its still a good idea but now I tell people... no need to reply). lol

Here is my very first layout I ever did. It was for a template/mini-kit challenge at
MScraps. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't know if I HAD to use all of the elements, so I was left with this bow thing. I stuck it on my pal, Alana's head. She is soooo not a 'bow in my hair' kinda girl, so it cracks me up every time I see it. lol

Credit: EH Studios template/mini-kit challenge
Girls Weekend

Journaling (with link to recipes/blog) says:
A fun, food-filled weekend where we laughed more than I have in a long time. We cooked and ate a weird mish-mash of delectable food from pasta to dumplings to French onion soup, and topped it off with white wine Sangria.

After waking, we had a full day of Scrabble in our jammies, more laughing and leftovers -- oh yeah, and cupcakes with bacon on them. Surprisingly good!

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