Tuesday, February 15

Post 19 and 20 - Something I miss, and Nicknames

Something I miss
Bonnie - my friend who just passed away a few weeks ago. 'nuff said, huh?


Since it wasn't specific, I choose to retell a story that isn't really about me.

I call my son all kinds of names: monkey, cuddle bunny, Dr. Destructo, energy machine...

My girlfrend was telling me that she hit a landmark with her youngest boy - her baby - he is about 8 I think and he announced that his name was Max. Not 'love bug', not 'snuggle muffin', not 'patootie' - Max. And that is all she is allowed to call him now.

So there. Lol

It was so cute and so sad at the same time. See, WE may hate the nicknames our folks gave us - but I bet they had special memories for them. Just like my little monkey has and will always have special memories for me. :)

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