Friday, February 4

Brownie covered... What??!!???

I was reading my rss feed the other day and came across a post (forgive me, I don't recall who's site I saw it on, but will gladly give credit if anyone knows) for this yummy treat that was all store bought, easy, and... OMGosh so yummy.

The original blog was the Picky Palate - who has some amazing stuff. She made these Brownie Covered Oreos which were scrumptious. I made a batch (or two) and they were a huge hit.

For those of you interested in the How-To, she has a step by step on her blog but its so simple there is no recipe. Just buy a box of brownie mix and a package of Oreos. Make the brownies according to the box directions then drop an oreo in the batter.

Grease a muffin tin and drop the brownie-battered oreo in there. (important step to avoid the sticking) Bake for 15 mins. You're done!
To make it even worse, I dunked Reese's cups in the batter and baked a few of those. OMGosh... beyond heaven! Soooo delish.

Brownie Reeses

Directions are same as above but with the candy instead. We talked about trying a Peppermint Patty -- but I'm not a fan of mint cookies, so I passed. But my DH liked the idea.


I usually grease then flour my pans - its guaranteed non-stick. And when I make a chocolate dessert, I mix a little cocoa powder with the flour. It doesn't really do anything extra, I just don't like to see the white flour on the chocolate.
I tried a few different Brownie mixes in my 'test kitchen' and Betty Crocker's regular ole original brownie mix worked the best and stayed moist the longest.

The Picky Palate suggested using white chocolate to drizzle on the top of them. You'd think it wouldn't need more sweet, but on the Oreo ones, I drizzled some homemade royal icing (confectioners suger mixed with a tiny bit of milk - mix well then drizzle) because I'm not a big white chocolate fan. My friend Jenn (JK703), made the oreos with double stuffed oreos and used Whipped Icing. I think I went into a sugar coma just hearing about hers... then she made me taste one. I drank 2 cups of milk. lol


  1. Hey! You never warned us there was going to be (yummy, delicious, diet-breaking) FOOD on this blog! Yowza!

  2. I read this on Jenn's blog and wondered about using peanut butter cups. Good to know they turned out and were so yummy too. Well, maybe not so good to know. lol

  3. YUMMY! lol... :) Good thing I got to eat one!

  4. LOL @Heather AND @Shari

    Wait till y'all see what I made NEXT! lol


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