Thursday, February 10

Post 12 - What I believe

I have been deeply, immensely touched by the passing of a friend and colleague and that has caused me to do a lot of reflecting. It has made me look at my friendships and be vocal about what people mean to me. Which is why my Post #11 is so un-lighthearted. I could have gone a million different directions with the subject, though - just to let ya know. :)

I believe that nothing compares to the love of a child - the love you feel, the love they give.
I believe that God knows what he's doing, and he knows your love and respect whether or not you are in his house.
I believe that I have powers that are unhoned and untapped and there is much potential yet to be seen.
I believe you can learn almost anything, if you open your mind and shelf your fears. (I don't practice this, but I believe it).
I believe that I will have love in my life forever; friends, family, children, elders, and some from people I've yet to meet.
I believe that music can soothe you. It can excite you, it can evoke memories, it can uplift you and make you melancholy. Music is powerful.
I believe that I learn something from everyone who enters my life; all my relationships, my acquaintences, my relatives and in-laws.
I believe that snow days are awesome because you can't go anywhere and you get to spend all that 'free' time with your family -outside, playing and enjoying each other.
I believe in tradition and family.
I believe that Facebook has really made me reconnect with people I've held dear.
I believe in coincidences and 'kismet'.
I believe one day, I will write the great American novel.
I believe that I was here before and will be back again, to improve on my self and my soul.

Thank you for reading this post. Its perhaps one of the most sincerely personal ones I've ever written.

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