Tuesday, March 18

50th Birthday Magazine Covers

The birthday embarrassment continues. What goes better with turning 50 than AARP? So I put him on the cover of the magazine. All of the cover lines are personal to him so they won't mean much to you, but the reference on the lower left is talking about that commercial where the camel asks Mike what day it is. He gets that every Wednesday. LOL

And, since he's been in the music industry in one form or another (and even though he's far removed from it now), its in his roots so I made a cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

I grabbed the vector logo from the web and plopped in words relevant to his life in the style of the magazine.

Happy Birthday, honey!

My Man's Big 50! (poster/card)

My hubby's 50th birthday is coming up and he wants.... nothing! No party, no trip, no presents. "Don't spend any money," he says. Ugh.What to do? So I'm going to barrage him with posters. What else is a designer to do to make his day special?

Here is his birthday year in review:
I looked up all the info (thank you, Google!) and pulled out the ones that were relevant to his life. I'm going to use this as the cover of his bday card. Since he doesn't want a party, I'm going to send it around electronically and have people 'sign' it. Hope I can pull that off!

Tuesday, February 11

Minecraft Valentines

It's been a Minecraft kind if year. I found these Minecraft figurines at Five Below and picked some up for my son. But how to make it Valentine-y? 

So I made a box to nestle the character in and put a message on the cover, "you BUTTER be my Valentine" (butter is what they call the gold bars).

I think he's gonna love it! 

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