Monday, October 31

Don't randomly click.

Holy cow,  that's what I get for being off-line for too long. I saw a new feature on Blogger so I started clicking around. Now my Blog layout is all changed. Ugh. This isn't really that worthy of a post, but I'm annoyed with myself, so I'm posting this. :)

Halloween Treat Bags

I've (sadly) been absent from the scrapping world for a little while now. Life (and mostly work) have gotten in the way. But regular life continues and sometimes, I get to do few little fun projects. Here is the latest one from Halloween. They are Trick or Treat bags that have slits in them for glow bracelets. It gets dark by 6-ish and our kids aren't the best listeners when we say, "Don't run" or "look both ways". 

I saw these bags and had to try a hand at making them - with my own designs and twist. My son was a Ninja so I make the Ninja bag for him. I made a few but gave them away before I got shots of them. Below are shots of them in the light and one in the dark with them all aglow. lol


I was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest. Did I mention lately how much I love that site? :)

Here is the original pin and below that is a link to a tutorial from the original creators.

My twists and reviews
I didn't do the mesh that they recommended. Instead, I got some cheap bandanas, cut them in half and sewed it to the bag. They say to use felt for the design, I just cut it out of the bag, making sure to leave some parts touching the edges. 

The most difficult thing was finding 6 matching glow sticks. Did you ever notice that they have white sticks that are yellow and green when lit? Well you can't tell what they are when they're 'raw'. I put the sticks into the bags and figured we'd pop them when it got darker. I gave my hubby the duty of separating the glow sticks - guess what? He's color blind! What was I thinking? lol 

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