Tuesday, March 29

FREE Silhouette Birthday Banner Template

Hi Everyone, In honor of my wonderful husband's birthday, I'm giving away a free Silhouette banner template. I'm a circle girl. I like dots, dot patterns... circles. I wanted to make my hubby a sign for when he came downstairs on his birthday so I decided to make them in circles. My poor husband is color blind and I torture him about it all the time; "What color is that? Do you see that color next to that color?" and on and on. What better than to make a crazy mixed up color banner? The credits will be longer than this post, I'm sure. I needed to explain all of that so that you'd know why its all such a hot mess. It was intentional. :) Mike_banner This template uses an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card or regular paper stock. I strung them up with baker's twine from his cake. (yes, I know... how lame is that??) lol. Please click here or on the image below to download the free Silouette cutting template: CircleBannerTemplate_PREVIEW Credits for Crazy Colorful Banner: Boy Oh Boy by Heather T, Camden's Buddies by Wimpy Chompers Creations, Happy Go Lucky by Sherry Ferguson Design

Monday, March 28

Clearance Sale

There is a huge clearance sale at ScrapMatters this week and Wimpy Chompers is having a HUGE 60% sale then the kits and alphas are retiring - for-evah! If you're just starting out or have those photos you've been meaning to scrap, now is the time to shop and buy! You can click below to go to her store.

Tuesday, March 22

The Letter O - for Oreos

Yum. Oh wait... I mean YUM!

If you've been reading my blog lately, you'll see why I'm no skinny minnie. I love to cook and bake. And I love my discovery: The Picky Palate. She has an awesome website and she just loves to concoct her own treats. She made these things that she called Cookies and Cream Squares.

Like Oreos? yum. Like marshmallows? yum. Here is a twist on rice krispie treats that's sure to send the kids and grown-ups back for more. I made these into tiny 1 1/2 inch squares for the letter O day at Pre-K. I tried to convince my son to bring in an onion but he wasn't going for that. I just thought it woulda been hysterical for a kid to show up with an onion. I dunno why. lol

He decided to bring in his Thomas train because Thomas is the #1 engine. Get it? One - starts with an O. We're just so darned clever. ha.

Anyway... here they are. They look like dark brownies, but they are something else entirely. Try it, its easy and yummy.

It only takes like 10 mins and 3 ingredients.

1 bag Oreos
1 bag Jet puff marshmallows
2 T butter

Melt the marshmallows and butter in a bowl - about 45 seconds in the microwave.
Crush the oreos in a food processor.

Mix together.

pour into buttered pan to cool and set.

I added the extra touch of the drizzled glaze and candy pearls.

Sunday, March 20

Movies Under the Stars

OMGosh,I feel like I haven't blogged in eons! I've been so tired and post-vacation run down - not to mention catching up with work.

So, here is what I've been up to: Friday night, we did a really fun thing: Movie under the Stars. None of the photos came out so I probably won't be scrapping about it. We were trying to come up with what to do for Tyler's bday party since we already took him to Disney as his big treat. My friend suggested projecting a movie outside, which we'd all been talking about for ages. So my DH and I went to
Lowes and bought a plain painter's canvas dropcloth, draped it over an old conference exhibit that my company threw out, set out some cushions, fired up an old Sony projector that my DH's company threw out (which he fixed) and voila! Outdoor movie night.

It was awesome and so much fun. This is the only pic that really depicts it but its kinda lame. :)

Sunday, March 13

March Freebie

You can take a guess at what's inspired me - VACATION!

Who doesn't love vacation? Time off, eating out, playing instead of working... ahhhh. So, to keep that feeling going and spread the love, I wanted to extend my vacation bliss by giving you something, too.

Here are some border/frame masks that pay homage to the larger than life characters we met along the way last week.

Click here to DOWNLOAD

And here are some layouts I did using them.

Kit Color Your World - Red by The Design Girl




And here is a preview of the kit I used:

and my previous blog post has links to the pig-ish layout's kit.

Weekly Blog Challenge

Heather from Haynay Designs posted a weekly blog challenge on ScrapMatter's forum that I thought I'd play along with. Here is the list of topics

Monday's Moment: on Monday, blog about a wonderful, unique awesome moment. It can be from the past week, or from 20 years ago. Just share it!

Tactile Tuesday: a bit of a play on words...you can chose to blog about how you FEEL about something, anything....or how something feels (like through touch)...your choice!

Wacky Wednesday: Share a funny or wacky or silly moment or picture!

Thoughtful Thursday: be thoughtful...this is the time for a deep post about a topic of your choice

Photo Friday: Share a favorite photo

Sit-around Saturday: this is a time to blog about the every day things...things that are sitting around your house, car, your life.

Surprise Sunday: Blog about anything you want! Surprise us

Since today is Sunday, my "surprise" is that I'm starting the challenge and this is my list of prompts. C'mon, follow along if you'd like... :)

The Design Girl - guesting spot

I got a spot on The Design Girl's CT as a guest but she got a bit under the weather for the past few weeks, so I hadn't been able to start any projects for her. I checked my CT forums, and she posted new kit and a slew of others that she wanted to re-promote. Here are some layouts I did with my Disney photos. :)

P is for Piglet was created with her latest kit: A Little Love Dinner with PIGLET

Grab her kit now ... on SALE at ScrapMatters for $4.40 - so cute.

For my Buzz page, I used an older kit: Jolly St. Nick where I played with the snowflake and made it look like alien antaenna. lol

I see BUZZ

Here is her full kit. Its adorable and I can see many uses for it later. :)

Post vacation posting

Well, Disney was AWESOME. Many LOs and postings will follow but I'm, frankly, still recouping from it. I'm beyond exhausted. Except for the energizer bunny that is masquerading as my son, the rest of us have been going to sleep hours earlier. This is an extremely late night for me, but I had to get all my postings up so I thought I'd get one up on my blog as well.

Here is a hybrid project I completed before my vacation. One of the 'young 'uns' in my office told me that when he went to Disney as a kid, one of his goals was to get the autograph of every character. I thought, 'autographs? people still did that?' So, the a couple of nights before I left, I had to look for an autograph book, just in case. Well, lo and behold, we went to a Kids Eat Free night at a local restaurant (
Park East), and they had both Spiderman AND Superman there, and Tyler wanted their autographs.

Guess what Mommy did the next day? I made a Disney autograph book for my little guy. Then I put it in a little card bag that I made using Krisi's Kreation's template: Card purse-Tall.


Smile - Card Purse Tall w/Autograph book

Here is a link to
Krisi's template in case you wanna grab it over at ScrapMatters

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