Sunday, March 13

Post vacation posting

Well, Disney was AWESOME. Many LOs and postings will follow but I'm, frankly, still recouping from it. I'm beyond exhausted. Except for the energizer bunny that is masquerading as my son, the rest of us have been going to sleep hours earlier. This is an extremely late night for me, but I had to get all my postings up so I thought I'd get one up on my blog as well.

Here is a hybrid project I completed before my vacation. One of the 'young 'uns' in my office told me that when he went to Disney as a kid, one of his goals was to get the autograph of every character. I thought, 'autographs? people still did that?' So, the a couple of nights before I left, I had to look for an autograph book, just in case. Well, lo and behold, we went to a Kids Eat Free night at a local restaurant (
Park East), and they had both Spiderman AND Superman there, and Tyler wanted their autographs.

Guess what Mommy did the next day? I made a Disney autograph book for my little guy. Then I put it in a little card bag that I made using Krisi's Kreation's template: Card purse-Tall.


Smile - Card Purse Tall w/Autograph book

Here is a link to
Krisi's template in case you wanna grab it over at ScrapMatters

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  1. Wow, what a great project! And I'm glad you're back! =)


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