Sunday, March 13

Weekly Blog Challenge

Heather from Haynay Designs posted a weekly blog challenge on ScrapMatter's forum that I thought I'd play along with. Here is the list of topics

Monday's Moment: on Monday, blog about a wonderful, unique awesome moment. It can be from the past week, or from 20 years ago. Just share it!

Tactile Tuesday: a bit of a play on can chose to blog about how you FEEL about something, anything....or how something feels (like through touch)...your choice!

Wacky Wednesday: Share a funny or wacky or silly moment or picture!

Thoughtful Thursday: be thoughtful...this is the time for a deep post about a topic of your choice

Photo Friday: Share a favorite photo

Sit-around Saturday: this is a time to blog about the every day things...things that are sitting around your house, car, your life.

Surprise Sunday: Blog about anything you want! Surprise us

Since today is Sunday, my "surprise" is that I'm starting the challenge and this is my list of prompts. C'mon, follow along if you'd like... :)

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