Monday, February 21

Post 22 - Whats in your makeup bag?

Ha ha ha ha. I literally laughed out loud when I read this. So, I'm a bit behind on the actual days, but I'm catching up!

I looked inside my make-bag and was horrified to see that (along with my list of cosmetics) there was a big old mess. The broken poweders, discarded applicator heads, gum wrappers, bits of not dirty q-tips. blechh. So, that is what is REALLY in my bag.

As for the makc-up, I have a Nars blush, Bare Minerals powder and bronzer, brown eye shadow for my brows, some cover-up cream from Sephora, and eye shadow combos - Studio, I think the brand was - and eye lash curler and some maybelline mascara.

Do they help? probably not, but they can't hurt either! lol

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