Tuesday, August 3

Backyard Camp Out

Here is a page I did for Gotta Pixel's August All Stacked Up Challenge run by Rachel of Captivated Visions. I love challenges because it gives me a set of guidelines and a deadline. lol This time, I was all over the map on kits, designers and stores. But in viewing my MyScrapBookArt gallery, I noticed that I've been very Green lately. Whassup with that? Hmmm.
I guess green makes sense for an outdoor themed page.
This was a fun night, the kids have been promised a camp out night for awhile and we thought it would be fun to haul out the gigantor tent for them to play in and all sleep together. Pete and the kids slept great. Mike, with lead pipe under his sleeping bag for security, was up all night with all the AC units going off and street sounds. That's so unusual for him since he slept through a major earthquake in CA.  (Tho, in fairness to Mike, the first time Pete did it in his own backyard, he was up all night with the noises, too. And had a hunting knife for his protection).


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