Monday, January 31

Who's doing 30 Days of Blogging?

I had fun reading a few of the posts so far, and some of you know these ladies in your forums, so I thought I would post their blogs + names so you could check them out, leave them comments and follow the ones that strike your fancy. The usernames are their ScrapMatters names - in case they have different names at different shops.

As of today, here is the list of everyone who has signed up. Keep in mind that some of the ladies have not posted yet, but most are catching up by doing multiple posts. I've started with me, so you don't need to click on it, cuz you're already here- otherwise, they are in no particular order. - Linda: Scrapporreia - Jenn: JK703 - Tanya: Tanyariley - cinna Fran: fran98765 Lynette: Lynette_rock Chel Sandra: Sberkan Jen: Graham like the Cracker Shari emileem Melanie: Scrapmelly Day Heather: haynay Ami Christina: WimpyChompers TammyBean

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