Saturday, January 22

Mscraps January collab...

I created a few projects with the January collab from Mscraps, Live Love Learn Grow

but I haven't posted them because I'm still not done. So, WTHeck.... I thought I'd post them here to remind me to

a) finish them
b) do something with them. lol

Here is the first of them... I wanted to create a fully integrated Blog site with backgrounds and separaters, blinkies - the whole nine yards. I even took a Jessica Sprague class. But I still can't figure out what the heck I am doing. So... here is the blog template design I made. who knows if I will ever do anything with it. lol

There was a LO I created but I couldn't find a pic I wanted to use with it. But I still need to convert it to a jpg so that will have to be edited in tomorrow.

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