Thursday, January 27

Free Word Strip - in honor of Bonnie

I like to keep this blog light but sometimes life just settles in to your life and your heart. This past week (for those who didn't read it earlier) I let a little piece of my heart go when a dear friend passed away. In her honor, I wanted to give away a word strip that was inspired by her zest for life and friendship. That way, you, dear surfers, get a little back from me for following my journey and hopefully, my friend Bonnie touches even more people than she did IRL.

So, here is a combo, folks. My thank you for reading my blog and my thank you to Bonnie for enriching my life.

I hope you enjoy the Bonnie Wordstrip freebie. Download by clicking here or on the image below.

(I wanted to produce a layout as a sample but I was getting so emotional as I was even opening the psd, so I asked my friend to do one, but she got caught up in her own life - and a wake as well - so she was unable to complete it. If one gets done, I will still post it so you guys can see how this can be used.)

Included are: full psd file - with each word as text (font: Walkway), png, psd of the type rasterized in layers in case you don't have the font, and a preview.
There are no TOU, but please do not use commercially or sell this product, if you do use this, please credit this blog scrapporreia.blogspot or Scrapporreia where possible. Thank you for downloading. And if you like this, please post a comment!


  1. that is so beautiful and sweet. I am so glad you can honor Bonnie's memory in this touching way.

  2. This is lovely, Linda, and a wonderful tribute to friendship! Thanks for sharing!


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