Saturday, January 22

Profoundly Sad Day

Today has been such a sad day. I got a call that my boss, friend, confidante, and so much more - passed away last night.

'Sad' does not even begin to describe what I am feeling. The sense of loss, the sense of disbelief, the sense of dread, the immense sense of missing her so much. She is everywhere I look, I see memories connected to her all over my house, in the grocery store, everywhere.

Its not that she hasn't been sick for the past 6 months. She had terminal lung cancer. But she had such a positive, upbeat attitude that she made us believe that she could fight it. And suddenly, she's gone.

Since I've known her the longest, and through several bosses and a smattering of co-workers, I have had the sad, sad responsibility of calling many people who only know her and me these days. Each call makes me relive my sadness and escalates it a notch. Tomorrow is another round of calls.

It'll be fine. It is what it is. Deep breaths. I can do it. All the same, it will be a difficult week ahead as everyone starts to find out, discuss it, deal with it and need comforting because of it.

RIP my dear, special friend. You live on in the things you taught me, in the laughs you gave me, in the love you shared with me.

Thank you for indulging my somberness. This is so overwhelming that I can think of little else.

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  1. =( So sorry you have to process that--a big burden.


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