Saturday, January 29

Day 1 Introduce, pic and 15 facts

Rolling up my sleeves... here I go.

They are on to day 5, but I'm jumping in anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up, but I can picture that there may be a few days where I'll be doubling up. :)

My IRL name is Linda and I'm a working mom of one little boy, and wife to a really patient, understanding, loving husband. I work in the city with a horrendous commute but I have a job that is interesting, pays the bills and keeps me from going bonkers.

Here is a recent pic from Dec. Someone recently said in one of the galleries that I have a lot of pictures of the snow. Well, it needs to quit snowing up here! lol

15 Interesting Things About Me
"Interesting", huh? Well, I'll try to be interesting.

1) I told my husband (after dating for about 2 months) that he should meet someone else if he wanted to have kids because it wasn't something I was interested in. He responded by saying, "I'd rather be with you with no kids than have children with someone else." (go ahead, "awwwww").

Years later, he has no recollection of saying that which means he was either drunk when he said it or he's too daft to milk the moment - which could have given him many free passes out of the dog house! lol

2) and this is interesteing only because of #1 - I had a son. lol

3) I believe in the possibility of almost anything, including ghosts. I know my last apt was filled with them and my current home has none. But I feel like I got a visit from one yesterday. (this all bears more explanation, but sounds much kookier if I don't give one. lol)

4) I've dated at least 4 men with the same name: Mike.

5) (while this isn't about ME, I find it fascinating so I'm including it) My sister has never read a packaged food label. Every. (really????)

6) I thought I could sing. Until I played the Wii Glee last week and was grossly disappointed by my lack of singing ability. (Which I told my husband, and he laughed and laughed). I can't sing.

7) The superpower I'd love to have is to instantaeously travel anywhere - along with all the stuff I wanna carry.

8) The superpower I would never want is the ability to read minds.

9) Before last week, I have never had a friend pass away. Doesn't sound like much, but apparently, by 45, you should know at least one if not several friends who have passed. Lucky me to have avoided that all these years. (hmmm... or maybe that's a commentary onBold how many friends I have??)

10) I've traveled to Europe 3 times for free.

11) I am not so strategic at games but I'm really a good guesser. Apparently I've passed that trait down to my son.

12) I've dated 2 men (try to follow this line, it may be clear as a puddle of mud) who's mothers' maiden name was the same as their married name.

13) I'm superstitious as anything, and whenever I have to do a list, I cringe at the 13th of anything! If I owe you $13, I'll give you $15.

14) I'm such a messy - well, mess, that my company hired an organizer to help me. She spent like 3 weeks just cleaning my office. (I can't believe I just typed that for the world!)

15) I graduated the top 5% of my class and I can't spell weird. or wierd. I know the "i after e rule". I can't ever remember if this is some odd exception or its not an exception. So I just generally avoid typing it.

Thats scratches the surface of me for day 1. Thanks for reading and commenting. :)


  1. ROFL! So glad you joined! You are weird but you crack me up.... now... where are my dumplings?! PS... Those oreo brownies were yummy... now I have to make my own batch!

  2. This is a great first post! I love your interesting facts!


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