Monday, January 31

Day 5 - My Favorite Recipe (a Step by Step guide)

Being Chinese it seems obvious that Dumplings would be my favorite. But dumplings come in many cultures from pierogies of Western Europe, to Raviolis and Tortellini from the Italians, and so much more. And I love them all. Out of all of those, though, my favorite CHINESE DUMPLINGS - pretty much anything wrapped in a thin pasta wrapper is great to me. Add dipping sauce... ooh yeah. Love me some dumplings.

So you won't be surprised that I have, yet another, blog - for food: Savorings (over at wordpress). My goal was to test out recipes, post my trials and suggestions on how to make them better and toss in some step-by-step instructions on how I did my own recipes. It just so happens that I have a how-to on MY dumplings.

I tried to copy and paste the entire post here... but it wasn't working, so, please go here (and feel free to leave a comment! I love comments! lol) for a Step-by-Step instructions, including how to wrap the dumplings.

Enjoy - I know I did... tonight, as a matter of fact!

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