Sunday, January 30

Days 2 and 3

Here comes the combo.

Day 2: Meaning of Your Blog Name

I didn't know anything about scrapping when I created this blog and I did it to mark my journey and as a way to show all my favorite pages in one place. I had another name for it originally, but I don't even remember what that was.

Then I learned about CTing and Challenges and all these other fun things about scrapping that aren't really about scrapbooking but more about the community and promotions, so I thought I should actually come up with a name since I'd be helping designers promote their wares (not that I had anyone who read it at the time, mind you).

I figured that my screen name was different enough, so I chose to use it. Simple. And (from a marketing point of view) all my 'properties' have the same brand (like Galleries, forums, twitter, FB- should I choose to do a 'fan' page and my blog).

Scrapporreia = Scrapbooking + Correia

Day 3- Your First Love

I've had a serious boyfriend since college (Not the same one - but a string of serious boyfriends). And I don't really think I was ever in love with them. I was a little wild so maybe I was just into having fun. I even lived with an amazing guy for 5 years - which broke my heart to break up with but it was time, I had to - but I don't think I really loved him either. So ... I think it wasn't until my early 30s when I fell in love with a man named Mike. He's not the Mike I married, though. :) But from him, I learned about love and how it can touch and melt the heart. And from him, I learned that I could really open my heart. Which allowed me to be there when I met my husband. :)

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  1. That's really a sweet story about your first love. Thank you for sharing.


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