Thursday, January 27

Hybrid Guesting for Krisi's Kreations

Hi all,

Its February... the month of cold frost, winter winds and of course snow blizzards. What better time to start tackling something new or expanding an area that you've been lightly dabbling in? For me, that area is the world of Hybrid.

I have been dipping my proverbial toe in the waters and - who knew - the water's been fine. I've had a lot of fun seeing my stuff in 3D. I mean I'm new to all of this so even seeing it on screen is a treat, but to touch, move and view all around a project is really ... neat!

This month I am guesting for this awesome designer: Krisi of Krisi's Kreations (no 'h', no 't', no 'y' - even her name is kinda fun!). I'm a little nervous (I don't want to let her down) and a good deal excited. Join me on this virtual tour of Hybrid-land!

I was about to post a card I made with her template then realized that the designer I made it for wasn't releasing her kit for ...3 more weeks!! yikes.  So, instead, I'll show you some things from her store.

Krisi's Kreations is selling at Scrapmatters and she is guesting this month at MScraps as well. Here is a link to her shop there.

This is a CU handwritting font. Fun and most importantly, legible.

This little gem has a hidden treasure -- an all occasion card with, surprise!, a gift card holder inside! LOVE this.

I have made one of these myself, but, of course, Krisi's is far more professional and the dimensions are all sized for accuracy. I may actually use this template not for a gift card but to put a couple of cookies in to celebrate Chinese New Years at my son's Pre-K.  (Ok, so don't hold me to that. he's got 2 classrooms with like 30 kids + teachers, so I may make like oh... one. We'll see) Uber cute, huh?

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