Wednesday, July 14

Unbreakable Friendships

I made this page for my "Mike" album. You know... the one I was making for Father's Day, LAST month? As I was writing the journaling part, I got a little sentimental about what a great guy he was and how he is so shy to make new friends but then I thought, the people that he really calls his friends, have that much more meaning to him than people who have dozens of casual aquaintances that they consider friends. See? That's why the journalling part is so hard. I get all introspective or lost in some other thoughts... funny how I write and talk a mile a minute regularly, but when its about making it into an album... I take forever! This is actually one of the few I journaled at all.

This page shows a few of Mike's closest friends. They are all over the map but all tied to his heart. I haven't shown this page to him, so I hope I can keep this one as a surprise. Maybe.

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