Thursday, July 8


This was for a Gotta Pixel "All Stacked Up" Challenge (for July) hosted by Rachel of Captivated Visions.
I'm out of 'fun cash' this week, or else I would have bought a few of her papers and kits. Well, that's what a wishlist is for! :)

I've been toying with the idea of doing a few pages - or a theme album - of lyrics. So, that's what I started this page with, then realized that I'm so old and no one would know the lyrics I had in mind... so I went with an old quote. ha ha.

This page will go nicely into Mike's Father's Day album. (Correct, I haven't finished it, yet.)

On a side note, I submitted applications for a CT (which stand for Creative Team in Scrapping code). They give you the materials to work with and you create pages for them to show as examples of how to use their wares. There are all these rules, like you have to upload to certain places and create a certain number of pages, but there is a cool element to it, which is you interact with the other women who are part of these groups and get feedback and hints and its sort of a community. So, I'm putting a toe in the water there. I should find out by July 16th, I think.

Credits - everything is available at Gotta Pixel except for one paper (identified below):

PAPERS: B.Miller GP Welcome pack; Sweet Digi Scraps At Work, Little Engineer; Colies Corner Shy Guy; JBaechtold Little Dude (
ELEMENTS: Sweet Digi Scraps At Work, Little Engineer
ALPHA: Sweet Digi Scraps At Work
FONT: Baby Boston

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