Friday, July 9

LayOut of the Day

I found out that someone submitted my layout for the July 6 Layout of the Day on Gotta Pixel. Wow.

That is such an honor... to just join a site and post my first jpg and not only get viewed and commented on (which was so cool to begin with) but to also have someone like my page enough to submit it for layout of the day... wow. That is super cool.

I don't know if it comes through on my past blog posts (especially since they are mostly just pictures) but there is so much about scrapping that seems like a secret club with their own language and the people have been doing this for ages, they know the 'rules' and how to find things like hidden freebies and know when special sales are coming and all this 'in the know' kinda stuff. So its awesome that these people have taken note of my personal little pages.

Anyhow, this is the page that got submitted. I didn't win (which gives you a $5 gift card to the store) but as you can tell, I'm so thrilled anyway! (I cropped off the dozens of other submissions in between so I could show it with the site page header).

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