Thursday, November 18

Sometimes you have a block

I had a few CT committments this week. Some were real deadlines and some, I just wanted to get some samples up for my designers. I got most of them done (I'll upload those after this post) and then I blanked out. No matter what I did, I didn't like it.

Designers count on you to make layouts for them to promote their kits, templates, designs, etc. So, when you toss up a haphazard layout or worse... can't seem to get it done - it really lets them down. So, I really try to do something that I'm not only proud of but also something that showcases as much of their supplies as possible. Also, your work posts in their galleries, so its up there for posterity and represents your body of work.

I think it was that I have this 2011 calendar that I want to complete and its looming over my head. I've done one... maybe 2... pages. I gotta get moving on it.

So, here is my one single calendar page:
December 2011

Calendar Bottom Templates Dotted by Graham Like the Cracker

Ho Ho Ho by Chelle's Creations
Stitch Me Up Dated Neutrals , Doodles Border It, Doodles Frame Mat It by Chelle's Creations

Newsie’s Alpha by Chelle's Creations

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