Friday, November 19


I'm thinking of starting something new. Not new to the world in general, but new to me and this blog; a series of tutorials. Recently, I've been getting queries about how to start digi-scrapping from my non-design friends (who are nonetheless very creative). It made me think back (yes 'back' for me is only a few months ago - but that's why its so fresh in my mind) to when I first started digi-scrapping and being involved with the community of amazing women who share this obsession with me.

There was so much to learn and there seemed to be a language and rules that I didn't understand. It was almost like joining a new school in your Jr. year. Everyone else had settled in and had their groove and their little circle. I was posting things that, now, surely sounded like I was either a dope or ON dope. But, who knew? and no one told me otherwise.

I've never been shy so I tend to jump right in - maybe make mistakes, and get over them. But everyone isn't the same. Some would like a little more guidance. So I thought I'd lend the wisdom of my 4 months to those who might be just starting out. I'm looking at tapping into some of my online veteran scrapping friends to help out in areas I lack. So it should be fun, informative and if nothing else, have some examples that may shed some light or inspire you.

Stay tuned for my Newbie Blog-torial - I'm loosely calling it Digi-scrapping 101.

::: gulp ::: I posted so I really have to do this!

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