Monday, November 29

Sometimes You Have a Block (part 2)

Finally, I'm back with the rest of that post. So the layout I was blocking on, ended up being really cute. It was Simply Kelly Designs' Circle of Memories Template.

I have problems with clutter (I know, you'd never know to look at my desk, huh?) on a layout and I don't know how to clean up a multi-photo template, so it always takes me soooo much longer. That plus all the stuff weighing on me, I just couldn't wrap my head around this. Then we took my son to this 'nature' talk thing with the Monmouth Park system and the photos were just made for the layout so I searched for an artsy-craftsy kit. Then I thought I'd play around and made Kelly's circle into a Turtle ... and it all just came together. Whew!

I used
Sherry Ferguson's kit Creative Minds

Turtle Time
Turtle Time

Here is the template by Simply Kelly Designs

and the
Creative Minds kit by Sherry Ferguson

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