Tuesday, June 15

My first Digital Scrapbook pages

A few years ago, my friend Jenn showed me her scrapbook that she made for her 'friends vacation'. It was so cool and something I'd always wanted to do.  She had (I think) sand from the trip, tickets, photos, background and all sorts of tactile elements.

Years ago, I'd tried to do something similar. Here are the steps I'd taken:
- about 15 years ago, I cut out silos of my nephews - they were so cute. I still have them somewhere. (aborted)
- hmmm... I guess that was my only attempt.

So I thought, one day, I'm going to see if she'll take like $50 - $75 and make one for me. But I never got around to asking her. Then she got pregnant and already had a 3 year old at home, so ... again, I aborted that mission.

Then last year, Jenn showed me her new hobby, digital scrapbooking. And I thought... I can actually do that. I think. So I went online and looked for free downloads. I came across a site with some themes and elements and started. Below are the pages I made during the Winter of 2009. 

I recolored the papers and elements to match so that it would look like a spread that went together. I don't remember what all I did to the pages.

So, now I'd made 6 pages (3 spreads). It wasn't enough to make a Shutterfly book. So these just sat on my hard drive.

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