Tuesday, June 15

Father's Day Gift 2010

My lofty plan was to download as many freebies as I could from all the cool sites that Jenn showed me. Then there was the National Day of Scrapbooking. Things were 70% off some places. $1 for a ton of cool things that I had no idea where or how I would use them. I didn't understand most of the terms. Credit cards weren't even necessary, once I joined, I could just use Pay Pal. It was like I wasn't even spending money! I spent full days in front of my laptop to the point where my eyes were suctioned to the screen. I spent more than I care to admit.

Jenn is very strategic. She's been checking out kits and things she's wanted, put them in wish lists, and waited for the kajumbo sale. Me? I'd never even seen these sites before and all this new and wonderous stuff was before me. I just bought. And bought and bought and bought. I don't even know what I have or where I got them from. I'm not even certain that I downloaded everything I paid for. Thank goodness they have defaults so that it doesn't let you buy more than one of the same thing!

I really need to start a project or I will feel really wasteful.

So, here is my project. A Father's Day scrapbook for Mike's gift.
I chose dark brown as a unifying color to tie all the random pages together. Here is the first spread:

Addendum: I found out later that I should be giving credit to each of the page element creators and (where possible) where bought each piece. I didn't keep track because I was only creating these to make a book for my husband; I'm going to try but it was awhile ago, and I don't know my kits yet.

FONTS Handwriting: Andy,
BRUSHES Designer Digitals; Anna Aspnes: Reptiles #1
PAPERS MScraps, Misty Mareda Designs; Jaxson
Layout/Template- Made by Scrapporeia

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