Sunday, May 1

Nikon D5100 - my new treasure

Here she is. My new toy. This was shot with my Torch blackberry - but here it is with my camera bag. LOVE THEM!!!!

Just testing out the new camera. I am sooo happy with it. Words can't describe it, so here are some test shots:

I was wondering how to organize it on the blog, so I'm posting the shots chronologically - all shots are taken in NYC unless otherwise noted.

Night vision in Times Sq.
The night I got the camera, my friend, Alana, drove me down to Penn. This is smack in the middle of Times Square. I took a bunch of shots and various settings, but the motion blur was pronounced in all of them (probably because not only was the street scene in motion, but our car was, too. Then I tried the Night Vision feature. This is what I got.

Here is one of the first shots, taken along 3rd Ave on my walk up from Five Guys (yes, PMS bad eating - lol). They have the Spring flowers up and each gigantic planter was more beautiful than the last.

Spring. finally

View down 28th Street (I think it was 28th - wonder if this thing has geo-tagging?)

Shadowy Swirls (original)
This is the same as the one in my Curves theme, except not in night vision mode.

Outside Penn
This is the view North toward Times Square, just before I ran for the NJ Transit train.


Streaming Pop News
This is one of my favorite shots of the night.


I took this using the 'food' setting of the camera. Delish, too!
Paella color corrected

And the crab legs...
(my friend's boyfriend got the left overs. Unfortunately, all that was left was the baked potato and green beans! lol lol lol )


This is silly, but this was the first shot I took using the Food feature. Its so crisp and real!

What I love about this one is that the shelf this was on was in complete darkness. There was a bit of ambient light that filtered onto the front of the keyboard, but the night vision setting took a really cool, grainy bw shot.


I just love this shot because its got such an edgy, urban feel to it.

night cart

And the last one - cliche, I know, but what is more NY than the Empire State Bldg?
And red hot at that. :)

Empire NY


  1. Very cool! A DSLR is on my wish list for next year. Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks, Kelly, I have so much to learn on it, but I love it already. :)


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