Thursday, April 28

Themed Weekly Photographers

Here is a list of everyone who has joined in the MScraps' 'challenge yourself ' theme photo exercise. Be sure to check out their awesome shots and follow them if you like what you see.

If you want to read more or just join in on the chatter, you can find the posts in this forum over at Mscraps

Heather T's Blog:

Linda (Scrapporreia)'s Blog:

Meg of OceanWideDesigns' Blog:

Romy's Blog:

Reminder:The idea is to have a theme to shoot a set of photos over a week's time. This will hone your eye and give you practice with your camera. You're only challenging yourself, so shoot what you can. Make something fit, or see how it doesn't fit. Just have fun with it.

C'mon -- join us!

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