Sunday, April 24

Theme photo blogging - announcement

I'm a regular participator in MScraps. I love their designers, the store is awesome (and why I'm always broke!) and the ladies there are so varied, creative, supportive, caring and I could go on and on. Its a place I feel I can throw ideas out and get real feedback and tons of back up.

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about buying new cameras, comparisons, brands, etc. It led me to think (because, yes, I am also waiting for the Nikon D5100 to get to my store!) that I loved doing the Theme Photo blogging 'contest' after I got my D70 slr. It wasn't just the contest; it was the fact that it forced me to get out and shoot. I'd go for walks at lunch with my friends and it was so much fun to talk about our shots and what made it hard, what we liked, etc. I started a thread in MScraps to invite some of the ladies to join me in a self-challenge - a blogging circle of photography.

Interested in joining?

Here is how it will work:
4 Themes a month (theoretically one them per week)
Pick 3 - 5 of your favorite shots
Post to your blogs All blogs will be listed after I get some takers (bonus:we can each post the full list of blogs and the link back to mScraps' forum)
Everyone comments, reviews, critiques, etc.
We'll start on May 1, Sunday and the week will end on Sat (May 8)

Benefits: more photos, better shooting increase traffic and 'followers' to our own blogs Can get photo help from a group of fellow photogs

Example from a theme photo contest I ran a few years ago: We chose Circles as our first theme and we all had to shoot things that reminded us of the word. Shots included: Bi-circles (bike tires), retro lamps, the moon, ironwork around NYC, puddles, etc.

THEMES (thank you for those of you who sent in your suggestions prior to this thread) Be sure to name each of your shots - sometimes a clever title makes the shot that much more appealing. :) And it helps if we end up comments about it in the thread, we dont have to say: the one with the blue. lol

May 1: Curves (hints: Many things curve; the curve of a body, curls in hair, winding roads, or you can to to the opposite extreme: lack of curves - as long as it relates)
May 8: Weather (hints: This outside the box, don't shoot just rain or sun, challenge yourself.)
May 15: Anticipation (hints: lots of us have kids/grandkids - there are so many possibilities here for them, but we can do inanimate things, too: plants prebud, ketchup dripping, an envelope)
May 22: Double takes - This one requires 2 photos; 2 things that look or seem similar (hints: obviously twins, two uses for the same thing, reflections, -- there are so many possibilities to this one.

The other photographers can come and comment on your shots.(I'm planning on posting the full list on my blog as well). Don't worry if you don't do each week at the same time as I've dated them. Whenever you shoot and post, we'll all be taking a look (and those like me, will surely be commenting).

This is just to get us all out and shooting. Practice makes perfect. The more we shoot the better our pictures have to become. Once I see how much interest we get in this, I can post a longer schedule. :)

If you know of a budding photog, send them to this thread at Mscraps so they can join in on the fun, too!

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