Wednesday, December 8

I'm a Cheer Chick!

Yes, I'm way too old to be a cheerleader, but I'm now officially a 46 year old Cheer Chick for MScraps. I (along with a group of really fun. funny, cool women) scour the galleries and forums of MScraps for interesting threads and layouts and just comment. Yes, I have been 'tapped to talk'. Hard to believe, huh? lol

The great part about that is that its something that I do all the time anyway, just not as vigorously. Now I do it, am part of a great community of women with similar interests, and I get a little something for my efforts.

The other cool thing is that MScraps has just started this group so I'm part of the pioneer launch of cheering. Perfect timing, too since its the Cheer time of the year - holiday season!

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