Friday, December 3

Free Silhouette Template

Hi everyone,

Back to my ole' skool roots of traditional designing, I played around with Illustrator today and made up a freebie for those of you who pop on to my blog every now and then -- a Star cupcake liner.

I created it for my new Silhouette SD digital cutting machine but I didn't make/have any cupcakes around to put them on so the photos of that will come later.

Star Cupcake Liner

What can you do with it?

Print or buy your own papers and use that as the base to cut from. Here is an example using HayNay designs. My files are all over the place so I don't recall which kit. But see how cute it can look?

I have no official 'terms of use' since I'm not selling in stores. But please do not resell this. It is a FREE product for share only. And if you post, please give credit to me: Scrapporreia and link to my blog if you can. One of the files is a .svg for the Cricut, but I don't have one so I don't know if or how it works, but if you do and it works for you, please come back and let me know.
Also, if you comment with links to your project, I'll post them in a future blog.

DOWNLOAD the Silo file, ready for cutting by clicking on this link:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

:) Linda


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