Sunday, February 12


I found out that a co-worker's husband was diagnosed with a form of cancer that had metastasized to his lymph nodes. They are a very close couple and the vision they'd both had was of growing old with each other. Luckily, its totally treatable and he will hopefully be fine in a few months after some rigorous treatments. In the meantime, they are just going about life and being hopeful. I wanted to do something small for them both, knowing that a big gesture could potentially make him feel like the disease is too much in the forefront and being talked about at our work. 

Before the holidays, the couple had gone on a yoga retreat and the both loved it. In fact, the husband said that it was a life-changing weekend for him.  I decided to gather some yoga-type grownup treats and package them together. There is a 2 CD set that I got from Target and scented candles from Walmart.  I personalized it by using his first initial to brand the products. His name is Russ, so I chose some R words that related to healing. Here are the photos below, and if you continue scrolling down, I've included a freeprintable (minus his name). I used some decorative paper from Michaels to build a layer up. 


I placed it all in a cheap box I got at Tuesday Morning (under $3) and some coordinating brown tissue. R_project final package 

Here is a free downloadable printable of the REwords I'm trying something new, I think you should be able to grab the jpg directly from the image below. If that doesn't work, please contact me. :) RE_wraps

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