Tuesday, September 6

Kindergarten already?

Again, its been awhile since I posted. There are so many reasons for this that I don't have the energy to get into, but here I am now, Kindergarten-Eve, post earthquake, post hurricane, and post our own little whirlwind of activity related to the first day of Kindergarten. Starting tomorrow, my DS will be attending Strathmore Elementary School.

In addition to buying a new outfit (my DH's idea - not mine), we've been buying snacks, supplies for  a teacher's gift and putting it all together. Once he started 'real school' I thought we'd be done with making food for him. Nope. It appears we need to pack snacks for during school, snacks for aftercare, lunch for the first week -- "just in case". ugh. really?? And everything needs to be clearly labeled with every bit of information.

So, I made labels for each type of food, put a photo of my child on it (figured it would be easier to identify if it gets separated from him) holding a sign with his teacher's name - which we took at orientation.
 We never got to meet his teacher because she was out sending her own kid to college, but we wanted to give her a little token on the first day of school. Tyler made a mug (similar photo) with a handdrawing on the other side. He made a heart and signed his name. Inside the mug, we put in tissues, dry erase pens, kids-safe scissors, file labels, fun paper clips and an individual Oxy Clean... hey - she's working with kids all day. lol


  1. You are seriously amazing--don't know how you can do all this, AND work all day! Wow!!!!


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