Sunday, September 26

Online Scrapping Classes at Jessica Sprague

Today I'm thinking about Blogs. Yes, big surprise, huh?

I'm taking a Jessica Sprague class on designing Blogger backgrounds, etc. I think its a well put together class and easy to follow. I think anyone starting out in digital scrapping should take a look at her site.They have a range of classes from beginner on up. I can't vouch for the advanced classes myself but the beginner ones seem pretty easy. And if you're shy to start and plop down cash, they have a free one to test. They also have some cheaper ones on Fridays.

My review of Jessica Sprague overall is a thumbs up. They are well put together and chopped up into segments so that you can really explore them at your own pace on your own time. I love that. They are also supported by an active forum of other classmates.

All of that said, I do have to admit, I skipped to the last 2 sessions because I already knew the first 2/3s.

This, of course makes me wonder if it was worth the $$ to take it. Maybe I didn't get the full value of the class but I can't complain since I waste money on useless thing all the time, and the class wasn't useless, it was just more remedial for me. Besides, I got a template to design from, I got helpful hints on navigating Blogger, and I have a lifetime resource on it should I need to help any of my friends start their own blog.

My only wish is that the course description was a little more detailed so that I would have known to skip the $40 and maybe take a different class.

That is MY personal experience, but I really think, if you've been considering taking a class online, you should check her out.

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